Acoustic Research component cables - crapped out

Can anyone verify if the address listed in the Mnaufacturer's listing for AR is correct. The 1-800 numnber is not accessible from Canada and I need to inquire about getting replacement cables from the manufacturer as my local retailer advises that I have to deal directly with AR.

Much thanks in advance...
AR was owned by Recoton, who is now out of Business. The AR brand was bought by somebody. I do not think that they will be covered under any warranty.
You probably just have to re-solder the ends. Most cable breaks are right at the connectors. Sean
Recoton who owned the following companies, sold NHT to Rockford. AR (speaker line) to Audiovox, cable line to Thompson (RCA), as per AB Tech Services (talked to them a few weeks ago).
That Florida address is for Recoton.
AR's website is under construction.