Acoustic Research AR-3

I have a pair of these old beauties in the closet. My father bought them second hand in the 60's. I have investigated restoring these, but I have never acted on it. I thought maybe a few of you fellows could recommend someone in the southeast, or east coast that has a decent reputation and reasonable prices. Price and location are both important. I do not want to ship these to California. Any info is appreciated. Oh yeah one other thing. At what cost is it not worth it to restore these? Or maybe, what do you think I should spend to restore them. Lets just assume all the drivers need rebuilt, and crossovers need repair or replaced. Thanks,
I had owned a pair of AR17's back in the 1980's and loved them. They were great for the time. But you must ask yourself: Are you restoring these older AR3's for the sake of nostalgia because they've been with you for many years or do you really want to end up with terrific sounding loudspeakers? Loudspeaker technology has come a very long way since the 1960's and even the 1990's. Cabinet materials and construction are much more solid and denser and materials like kevlar, polypropylene, and aluminum are being used for drivers and tweeters. My opinion would be to audition some new bookshelf speakers such as Mordaunt Short, Bowers & Wilkins, PSB, NHT, Energy, etc before going through with restoration. You'll love the sound from one of these I'm sure. This is just my opinion since you're asking. Thanks.
Here's a link that might be useful for you in your quest to restore your AR-3.

The Classic Speakers site is for people who enjoy the old Boston Speakers such as Acoustic Research, and Advents, and would probably be in the best position to give you the information you need about restoring your AR-3s. Btw, many around here will try to get you to buy newer speakers, and in some ways I'm in agreement with their arguments. Nevertheless, there are many who enjoy collecting and restoring and listening to vintage audio equipment. Good luck in your restoration project.
Contact Bill LeGall at Miller Sound in Lansdale, Pa. He is a master speaker rebuilder of any kind of speaker from vintage to modern. And is extremely reasonable. Bill could give you an accurate idea of what would be involved and I am sure a quote for doing it in his shop if you chose that path. He would not only refoam but recone (spiders included) and modernize the crossover with modern electrolytic caps etc. The results on speakers (like your AR3) that Bill did for me was nothing short of amazing. While remaining true to the sound of the original speaker they were nonetheless transformed due to the crossover and Bills voicing of them to an amazing degree.
I agree with Bbro.Bill Legall is the speaker Master. I have two pair of AR3s and they sound wonderful. Bill is going to work on a pair of Large Advents for me as soon as I can get them to him. They need new woofer surrounds, updated crossovers and what ever else he determins needs to be done.
I have known Bill for several years and been in his shop. He is a Master when it comes to speaker rebuilding.I will not even think of anyone else.
Good luck. I am sure that you will not be disapointed.
(Carter Asbill)
I have a pristine pair that my dad bought new (still have the receipt and manuals. They are wonderful, well noted for their superior sound. I have AR-1's, 3-A', I have a ton of stuff from him. He was quite the audiophile. He passed in July. Anyway, you'll love them.
@Nasja...I'm very sorry for your loss. Losing your dad is a tough thing to deal with. Keep your chin up.

I get a pair of A&R AR 3 i paid $10 for the pair in a thrift
store in my local area WOW,what a SCORE. I will always keep them. They sound so good that i will build my system around.

Now i understand why speaker is a very important part of a system...Nothing more to said.
Give Benny at Amina Audio a call, he's in the Atlanta area.
The AR3a was a good speaker in it's day but it is long ago obsolete. I don't think I would repair a non-working pair. They do look great and have solid cabinets but the drivers are fairly low quality compared to today's designs. I'm not sure it's even worth reworking their best speaker the AR-LST, times have moved on.
If you can do the work yourself, it would be an interesting project. Remember these speakers take a lot of power, you'll need a powerful amp.
Ancient history!!