Acoustic Reality digital amplifiers

Has anyone tried these amps and can I get some comments on them. I know an audition is the only way to know for sure if they will work in my system (Maggie 3.6s)nevertheless, I always like to do my research before spending hard earned bucks.
I listened to these at the last CAS ( Chicago Audio Society ) meeting. A member of Agon ( Ehider ) who is distributing the product in the USA was kind enough to pay us a visit and give us a listen. Besides being able to check out new gear, it was a great pleasure to put a face with the name of a fellow "A-gon'er" : )

Quite honestly, I was not familiar with any of the support gear ( Stan Warren modified Philips SACD 1000 ), cabling ( home-brew interconnects and speaker cabling ), speakers ( Rheim ??? ) or the acoustics of the room in the least. As such, it is hard to form an opinion of what i was hearing.

Having said that, they did hook up another "digital" amp ( based on Tripath circuitry ) and an Adcom that Stan Warren had modified. Out of the three, there was very little competition i.e. the Acoustic Reality amp walked away from the crowd.

For the record and those that aren't familiar with this line of products, the Acoustic Reality amp is based on Bang & Olufsen's "ICE" technology. This is a "digital" amp of very high efficiency. Much of the actual design of this unit and of the basic "ICE" module is not really being openly discussed at this point in time, but it seems to have won some strong converts. On the other hand, some have dismissed the basic "ICE" circuitry as being suitable for "elevator music". Like anything else, you'll have to listen for yourself and see if it tickles your fancy. Sean

I'm an owner of one of Peter's EAR2 MkII amplifiers. I owned the MkI, which I was frankly blown away by, and the MkII took it further.

Plenty of people have compared them to amplifiers considered to be extroidinarily high end -- from you extremely expensive SS and tube amplifiers, to being completely amazed at the difference compared to other ClassD amplifiers, whether Tripath based ones such as the Bel Canto amplifiers, or the TacT's.

I have not heard my amplifier with Maggie's, but I can only imagine that it would be a match made in heaven. From a technical perspective, these amplifiers put out everything that one would crave, across the frequency spectrum, in just about every load, with specifications that many wouldn't think were possible.

The thing is this -- they can do that with the delicacy and dynamics and everything in between that people are used to only finding in seperate products that are the best at one extreme or the other.

I'd pretty much guarantee that you wouldn't be disappointed.

No I'm not a dealer or associated with Acoustic Reality -- just a audionut who took the chance that you are considering and couldn't be happier.

Give it a truely great front end and speakers to match and you'll be amazed too. The amplifier deserves the best.

I'm looking into a new home purchase right now and seriously considering downsizing my system....problem is, I still can't talk myself into selling off the EAR2.
Forgot one additional comment..

In regards to Sean's comment of "On the other hand, some have dismissed the basic "ICE" circuitry as being suitable for "elevator music", I'm assuming this is from the handful of references to ICEPower on AA and a couple other boards.

My understanding is that these were comments on an evaluation board and nothing more...

If you're looking for a more familiar name that's using ICEPower, here it is: Jeff Rowland.

He's using them in his 300 series amplifiers.

Information is available here:

Whats a big difference between the AR and the Rowland amplifiers?

Rowland will be charging somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 for his.
I'm another happy owner. I've had the Acoustic Reality eARTwo for almost a year now. When I was looking for a replacement for my Bryston 4BST, I had auditioned the Bel Canto Evo 200.2 before I ordered the Acoustic Reality for a 3-week home trial, and I never looked back. It's sound is neutral, refined, naturally detailed, tremendously dynamic and (with the right recordings) very holographic. I also have PSB Stratus Golds, which need a stout amp to sound their best, and the Acoustic Reality makes them sing almost frightfully good.