Has anyone heard the eAR amps of the aVinci speakers from Acoustic-Reality in Denmark - www.acoustic-reality?
I own a discontinued model Reality HS,
and it kicks arse! the resolution is outstanding, it images like a demon, the only thing it doesn't have is deep bass but that ok since I bought a rel storm..
Do a search on the discussion forums main page for "Avinci". This will turn up some people who have tried these speakers. "Ehider" seems to be their most vocal advocate.

One of the Acoustic-Reality speakers uses the 5.25" Scan Speak Super Revalator drivers. These drivers are also used in the new Totem Hawk, a speaker I plan to purchase soon. I think this driver is also used in the Krell LAT-2 and the Wilson Audio Sophia, but that would need to be confirmed as I don't have direct experience with these speakers.

It would seem that the speakers that Acoustic-Reality makes are a good buy, but not for me at this time. I do not have the money to lose if I do not like the speakers and returning them to Denmark for a refund is difficult or impossible. This seems to be a very small company and I have not seen any reviews of their products in the British or American audio magazines. Perhaps they are too new, or maybe they do not get mentioned because they are sold direct and not through retailers (advertisers). I have also not seen them mentioned through any of the Audio Show reports.

The eAR amps are digital amps. You may want to look at PS-Audio's new amplifier for a comparison.
Thanks Key_metric. I've read a little of Ehider's posts, and was wondering if there were others out there. I was also wondering if the eAR amp was similar to the new PS Audio amp.
Also, thanks to Eantala.
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