Acoustic problems need advice

I just purchased a new house and my new listening room
is bright sounding and has a lot of echo.Also I lost a lot of bass.The room is sheet rock with tile floor and carpet.
Are roomtunes still avail?Who sells acoustic panels
thanks mike
Forget Room Tunes and accoustic panels. Make, don't buy, a set of Room Lens. Go to Audio Asylum or contact me for instructions. Highly effective and ridiculously cheap. Don and there are some brands at If I were you i would do at this site just for treatment info:

FWIW - i made panels according to his plans, i they work really well. Good luck
Really you need to hire someone who know's what they're doing if you want it to end up sounding right in that room! It simply takes too many years, and thousands of hours of experience, to get truely world class sonics from a set-up. Most people end up with mediocrity, no matter what gear they use in their rooms, because they don't know what they're doing unfortunatley! There's simply way way too much going on sonially in a given room, that you really need to enlist the help of someone who know's what they're suggestion anyway.
By the way, where are you located?
Good luck
I agree with Elgordo. It can take you months to really figure out where you need to place room taming devices. Room Lenses are the way to go. They are easy to move around to tailor your sound since they stand on the floor, most think they are more attractive than conventional room tuning devices and they can be cloned for less than $100.00.