Acoustic Preference Maestroso 1.0 or B & W 805D??

Does anyone have an opinion about which pair of speakers would be a better buying choice or if both speakers are in the same league? All things been equal, i.e. source, pre, amp, cabling, room, etc. which pair of speakers would you consider to be a better choice. I know sonic preferences matter, but still can you shed some light about these speakers? Any comments would be very much appreciated!
Never heard either, but know some of the parts and similar.

There’s a B&W house sound that I’m not a fan, nor am I a big fan of any of their tweeters since the nautilus series began. I particularly dislike them for movies. However if you LIKE the B&W sound that’s what you should get, and you’ll find plenty of fans who can’t imagine I could not like them. :) If the 805D uses the more expensive Mundorf Supreme they may sound a little more scintilating. A not very natural sound to my ears, but many like it.

The AP Maestro appear to be much more neutral and simpler (in a good way ) designs made from excellent components. The Maestoso page says they use Mundorf MKP caps (Not sure in the B&W) in the crossovers. A brand I really like, but MKP is not the most expensive. MKP may sound a tad dark but with spooky good low volume detail.

The drivers used in the Maestro are excellent, and by no means cheap. Besides tonal balance, the place where I really think you'll find them completely different from the B&W is in dynamic range, but listen for yourself.  Try them on movies or truly dynamic classical music and I think you'll hear a difference for yourself.

If new, I’d give either them 48-72 hours of break in time.


I am sorry I meant Acoustic Preference Gracioso vs BW 805D!!!