Acoustic Gitter LP Suggestions

What are some LP's folks would suggest that predominately feature acoustic gitter throughout? Not just a song or two, but on most all tracks? Rock, jazz, bluegrass, with vocals, without, whatever.....
Steve Hackett (from Genesis) acoustic/clasical guitar cds: Bay of Kings, Momentum, Sketches of Satie.
the late michael hedges for cutting edge playing and song writing...early alex degrassi for great fingerstyle and both the narada as well as windham hill collections of guitar sample recordings are very good as well and showcase several top acoustic players.
Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia "Sunday Night at San Francisco" and "Passion Grace and Fire" albums.
Gipsy Kings their debute self-titled album.
Yan Akkerman "Profile".

For CD I recommend
Manuel Barrueco(one of the world's greateds spanish classical guitar players).
There are many Leo Kottke LPs to choose from. The one with vocals I really like is "Ice Water" and there is a compiation of all instrumental music called "6 and 12 String Guitar" There are many many jazz lps I could go on forever. Three of Phil Keaggy's instrumental CDs you might like are "Beyond Nature","Auoustic Sketches" and "Lights Of Madrid". Feel free to email me personally for some more suggestions. Cheers
Trio Da Paz - "Cafe" (Mail order only from

Paco De Lucia - "Caja Segunda Epoca" & "Caja Tercera Epoca" (both of these are three disc reissues of three classic Paco great prices)

John McLaughlin - "Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra - The Mediterranean", "Time Remembered - John McLaughlin plays Bill Evans", "Belo Horizante"

Oregon - "Distant Hills"

California Guitar Trio - "CG#+2" and "Rocks the West"

Also, concur with the Steve Hackett & Phil Keaggy suggestions above.
oop's did i forget leo kottke? sorry, his "great big boy" and "what if" recordings are real good. also, don't forget the acoustic stuff that jimmy page has done over the years and there is john rhenborne...sorry if i misspelled it.
Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt "A Meeting By The River" on Water Lily Acoustics.

Jerry Douglas "Look Out For Hope" on Sugar Hill (dobro and guitar)

Great sonics and performance on both IMHO.
OOOPS!!! How could I forget about Ry Cooder?
My favourite one is "Jazz" on WB german vinyl. Man, this one can stay on your tongue for a long time after you'll listen to it!
Rory Block is an utterly amazing guitar player. She's won the W.C. Handy Award for her great album, "When a Woman gets the Blues". I've seen her play live and she is incredible!

I'd second (third?) Ry like "Meeting.." My copy is recorded without much gain so I always end up having to crank up the system which also ups the background noise in the quiet passages. Great performance though. Also enjoy the soundtrack to Paris, Texas, though much slower paced and medatative than "Meeting".

An INCREDIBLE improvisational jazz guitar recording: Marc Ducret, "Detail" (recently on the "Recordings to Die for" in Stereophile). Fantastic recording, great performance!

On a more folksy note: Deb Talan, "Something Burning" ...again, great acoustic performance and well-recorded. Wonderful CD as is her other album, "Sincerely" Not as well-known, but worth looking for.