Acoustic Foam Panels - Blu Tack ???

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the installation of acoustic foam panels. I'm looking to put up a few of these foam panels on my walls and want to do it with the least amount of "destruction" of my walls. I was wondering if anyone has tried using Blu Tack to stick them to the walls. Is it strong enough to hold the foam? Does anyone have any suggestions to hang foam panels? I would appreciate any ideas...
Havew used blu tack many times but thin about how pourous foam is.You'll never gewt it to work alone.Try Scotch brand hooks that have and adhesive that is supposed to not damage paint.Uses compound and tension of same to hjold.You'd need a few.Me I'd maybe make one hole and hang it like picture with wire if you can super glue wire to foam which is iffy.Scotch hangers at Home Depot is what I'd try first.
I've thought about this myself. The idea of using adhesives on a wall is unpalatable, it's absolutely going to leave a mess to clean up when they come down. Panels function better if there is an airspace behind them, so with that in mind this is what I'd do. I'd mount two 1x2's slightly smaller than each panel on the wall, screwing them into plastic anchors (assuming drywall construction.) Then you can glue the panels to the furring strips. It's really easy to repair the holes in the wall after removing the anchors in the future IF you've got a bit of the wall paint or wallpaper saved for repairs.
I don't think the Blu Tack is strong enough to hold the panels. If you can get them to stay up initially, they are likely to pull off after a little while. Chazz' and Photon's suggestions seem like better ways to secure panels.
If you have sheet rock walls, medium length common pins will work fine for smaller panels, say up to 2' x 2'. Be sure the head of the pin is secure (many plastic tips will come off rather easily), and that you try to distribute the weight evenly using multiple pins. For bigger panels and/or items like rigid diffusion panels, I use quiltmaking "T" pins. All leave minimal marks, are easily repositioned, and hold a surprising amount of weight.