Acoustic felt?

I would like to apply acoustic felt to the front baffel of my speakers. Any suggestions as to where I can urchase such a product?

Thanks, Richard
Most craft stores will sell felt, in various colours, which can be cut and layered to build up the desired thickness/size. Very inexpensive, easy to do; pick up some double sided tape and you're in business.
What is the expected gain you are seeking and any possible drawbacks to the felt idea?
yeh I searched high and low and had to settle on the felt at the craft store(Michaels)... I hot-glued about 10 sheets together to get something somewhat thick but still not as thick as the 1/2 thick felt on some speakers (spicas). I used this around the wood sticking out on the front baffle of my jbl l-200's but I cannot really tell that it dampened near reflections that much