Acoustic Energy Speakers?

Has anyone out there ever used Acoustic Energy speakers?
If so,which model and what electronics?
Yes, I use Aegis One's in my ht system. I use them front and rear with an Aegis Center and a Aegis sub. I am using a NAD t760 with DH labs T-14 Cables. I find them to be great speaker for $300.00 a pair. I could not find a speaker that souded as good as they did for that price range. The dh t-14 make them a little " bright" but i like it that way, very clear. I think a cable like Kimber 8tc would make them a little smoother. I have listened to the AE1 and they also sound very good. I almost got them for my 2ch system but went with tannoy instead. The Aegis one's lack bass but most speaker that size do. The soundstage on the Aegis one's really amazed me. I did not hear another speaker in that $300.00 to $600.00 price range that had soundstage like them. Maybe tannoy r1's.
I've got the Aegis Ones set up with my Denon 1801. Both the Denon and the Aegis are pretty laid back, which is more my speed (vocals, strings). Modest setup for sure, but I REALLY enjoy it. 2 things: 1>my speakers took a good 100hours burn-in and 2>good speakerwire makes all the difference. Don't think they don't have bass .. for a 5" it's pretty darn nice. One thing that someone might add to this string for me: anyone got advice on a decent sub for this setup? ($300-$500)
I have the Aegis One's in my B system.They are very detailed and image out of this world.You cannot go wrong for 300 bucks.