Acoustic Energy and Audiophile Systems

I recently tried to get my Acoustic Energy speakers fixed under warranty and was left out in the cold. It seems the old importer, Audiopile Systems no longer wants to warrant these speakers they already made money on. Any one having simolar problems. Who is Audiophile systems now? Any help appreciated. Thanks Scott
Might help if we knew what the problem was with the speakers. But one of the things that happens in the audio business all to often is a company will go out of business or get bought out and many of their products become "orphans" in terms of getting warrenty work or even repairs. Good luck in your quest.
Thanks for resonding. I need a midrange for a 2 year old speaker.I am sure I can track it down, I just want feedback if others have had difficulties obtaining warranty repair. Regards Scott
If Audio Energy is still in business, then I would find out from them who is now doing their warrenty work. If that turns out to a dead end, you might want to see if someone like Madisound has the replacement midrange that you need. Granted you'll have to pay for it, but then again it be worth it, if it saves you a lot of fustration in trying to get your warrenty work done.
508-695-8090 acoustic energy u.s.
Just a machine at that number, no call back and its been 3 weeks. Thanks for taking your time to help me. Scott