Acoustic Energy AE1 Signature

Does any have the specification for this speakers? How good are they as a bedroom bookself speakers? Thanks for any feedback!!!
the ae1 signatures are very high quality monitors that require stands and placement away from walls for maximum performance. they are not intended to be used as bookshelf speakers and, IMO, it would be a sacriledge to do so.
Agree. I auditioned these in Europe and they are VERY good, in the same class as the Revel Gems or the Sonus Faber monitors (guarneri excepted, though only becasuse of its sueprb midrange). The AE1 threw a huge soundstage and had incredibel dynamics. Definitely NOT a bookshelf speaker! If you own them, get some good stands (AE makes excellent stands for this speaker). If you do not own them, and need bookshelf speakers, suggest you look into other desings e.g., some of the smaller Linn speakers work very well in this context)