Acoustic Energy AE1 MkIII vs Proac Response D1

Anybody heard both speakers? How do these two mini-monitors compare? The retail of the AE1 MkIII is higher than the D1s and I understand listening preference will dictate which is a better speaker. Nevertheless, which is an overall more balanced and refined speaker?

Any thoughts appreciated.
Hi, some time ago I changed from Proac Super Tablettes to AE1's. Completly diferent beasts, the AE's can really rock where the Proac's were far more polite.

One word of warning though: The AE's really need power to sound their best, I moved from a small Naim set up (42.5 / 110)to a Krell 300i and then they could really perform!
Zekezebra, I share your enthusiasm for the AE brand, but in the interest of fairness it is my understanding that the Super Tablette was the second generation Tablette design and came out around 1985. I should know as I have a set of Super EBT's (Extended Bass Tablettes) that I purchased new in 1985. They retailed for $850 way back then and the design has had many generations of evolutionary refinement since then.
Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately I just found out that the AE1 MkIII was sold. Guess I will have to look for other speakers. Good to hear the AE1s are good monitors. They should be considering their rather steep price.