Acoustic Energy AE-2 * any info helpful

I haven't been around the audiophile block long enough to remember these when they were new but an older abused pair literally fell into my lap this week. They are not the signatures; they are the matte black MDF versions.

The drivers were re-foamed in 2009 according to a sticker on the inside and one tweeter dome is pushed in. I opened them up and cleaned mouse nest residue out of one of them. The metal frames on the drivers are a bit rusty. Cases are intact but scratched and no dents.

They sound fantastic.

Not a lot of info about them online. I know they are rated 6ohm and 90db efficiency. Other than that not a ton of practical info.


How to tell if they were the MKII versions (I already know they aren't the sigs). Haven't seen an image of the baseplate on an AE2 that said MKII but there are not a lot of images out there.

Is there way to pull a dented aluminum tweeter and does it truly matter? Are there alternative replacement/rebuilt tweeters available? Is there a way to redo the ferro fluid on them? (I've successfully cleaned and re-ferro'd tweeters in other speakers in the past - it's really easy.) I pulled the tweeters out and there doesn't seem to be a right way in.

I'd entertain the possibility of building new cabinets of solid wood but I'm not sure what type of treatment has been applied to the interiors of these. Some have said they had custom molded plaster linings? They look like something else is in there but I only have a 3 inch hole and a flashlight to make an assessment.

Placement issues? What was so great about the AE speaker stands? Coupled or uncoupled?

I know a lot of people love these and I'm sure there will be testimonials about them and their predecessors. That's cool. I'm really looking for info on what to do with a bruised pair now. Curious facts welcome.

Currently they are the audiophile version of "rat rods" and I could just leave it at that.

p.s. I did bi-wire them. Vintage/modified ARC components for pre and power (I switch from tube to SS periodically because I like both flavors). Pretty good cables.

What was so great about the AE speakers

I love ESL’s, the AE-3 "was" one of the best dynamic box speaker I’ve heard. Your two’s were just like the AE1’s with more bass, keep them well away from the back/side walls they can get bass heavy.

Cheers George
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