Acoustic Dreams - Isolation Rack ?

Hi All,

I just noticed this rack whilst browsing the web.

Does anyone have any experience with them, in terms of performance and how they might compare to something like the Finite Elemente Pagoda, etc...
I love the racks but cannot afford and refuse to pay their $5000 plus retail prices.
Hi Gfroman,

Do you love them in terms of performance or sound?

I'm more interested in how they stack up to the others such as Grand Prix Monaco, Finite Elemente, etc...
Never did a real comparison.
They are very well made, look great, and perform just as well.
You see a lot at CES shows, etc.
Never believed any rack was worth spending over a thousand or two, much less $5K.
Even though they do improve the sound.
Those racks should be copied and assembled by a Chinese manufacturer. You will get the same quality + finish for only half of the money (or less) :)

Dazzdax (Chris) Sometimes it's important to not just take the easy option, by getting the product made with cheap labour. If we all take the same approach, unemployment in Western Countries will eventually go through the roof.

I support and endorse paying a higher price, if I know it's made with labour who are paid a decent wage to support themselves and their family.

After all, is this not what makes us real human beings, instead of taking Capitalism to the n-th degree, with products made by the lowest bidder, irrespective of the long term consequences.

I think there is a lesson to be learnt here for many of us.
Acoustic Dreams rack stands and furniture: This is a classic example of deception. The racks they made do not address vibration and are more similar to kitchen racking without nylon standoffs.

The big selling point is "constrained layer dampening"... but when you buy it, you see it is only plywood. I guess that is a creative way of saying "plywood". If they embed materials, the benefit is gone once you enclose the edges in a solid-to-solid.

They use solid-to-solid spikes and cups, which means it does nothing for vibration.

Just a pretty design and good marketing... would have been nice if they invested it in research instead of creative writers... Or lower the price since they don't really do anything special.

Definitely look at CP or others.
Thanks for the feedback. CP ?
Sorry, Clipsal! = Composite Products