Acoustic Curtain for listening area

Hello all ....I'm polling everyone who can recommend a super heavy duty non reflective curtain for the left side of my listening area which opens up into a large open space / dining room and reflects ....Seems like all the stuff on Amazon/eBay is cheap Ikea crap....any help appreciated . Thanks 


12 FT Width

7.5 Height



@david_ten yes , not ideal listening situation , but it’s all I’ve got as of now....right side is a wall (which I might treat as well... left opens up into big living room / dining room (reflective)....was thinking close me into a sound listening box to kill reflection...

also been looking at black moving/sound blankets


Years ago, I bought heavy black velvet finish curtains from a theatrical supply house-I think they were even fire retardant. These were not marketed as acoustic material so the tariff was far less. Don't know if the OP is in a city that has a supply house like this- often, theatrical stuff is sold in the reuse market as well. 

Worked great for my needs at the time-- I wanted to black out a large room for use as a home theatre. Looked good too! 

Remember that they will need to be broken in before they will exercise the most beneficial sound dampening. At least a week of hanging and be sure to hang in the right direction. They are a great company with great products. I have used their stuff in both my music studio and my home.