acoustic ceilings

My room is 15d by 9 wide by 8 high. I have scanned the internet re room acoustics and have a good idea of side\rear wall and floor treatments. Previously, I was going
to use a supended Armstrong ultrimo ceiling (basically 703 with a facing, but I read some feedback saying this would deaden the room (all absorbent). There is no "w" i.e., WAF,
so I would consider the hanging panel method, if anyone could direct me to an affordable application or D I Y ideas,
I would appreciate
phoehn has treatments for ceiling
How about floors? I have a 500+ sqft room I'm re-doing that will double as a listening room and gym. Maybe I'll get back in shape in the process. Floors are bare grey concrete as this was a shop area adjacent to a garage. Don't mean to de-rail the thread as I need ceiling information as well.
Try RPG Hemiffusor's. They work best in a tight array directly overhead. They can be randomly oriented. I use Velcro to attach them to the ceiling. Then use absorbent panels for the first reflection points on the ceiling from the speakers. See my pictures in virtual systems (use Bigby or CatÂ’s Meow to search). I'm going to put up the absorbent panels this summer.
I posted a thread like this about a year ago when I was considering ceiling treatment's. After considerable research it was apparent that there was no socially acceptable way to accomplish this. Both my room's have peaked ceilings, so the problem is minimized. Not only did the better half not like what she saw, I didn't think much of the ugly absorbers either. We settled for a few discreet wall absorbers, carpeted floors and acoustically correct window coverings. We couldn't be happier now.
I have always had such in my listening rooms and hey work wonders. Since the ceiling itself is a first reflection point, treatment is a must.
These look promising. Relatively inexpensive, seem easy to mount, and are paintable. Have never heard them in action.
Thank you, Bigby, are you using the polystyrene or
wooden versions. I am having a little trouble with
the $300 wooden price on one 2 foot square. Stupid
question: I would just use a mirror on the ceiling
to find my first reflection points and use OC 703
wrapped in grill cloth for that specific area?
Then use a pattern for the diffusers on the remaining
ceiling area similar to your photos?
Rockadanny, Also thanks,I am assuming these are polystyrene, the website seems to state they are only $50 per two foot square. Very interesting, wonder how they compare to the RPG products. Also interesting is the 23 prime QRD aspect.
Even with reflective or diffusion panels, there will still be that big space behind the ceiling. What was offered to me was that the best thing is to fill the perimeter of the ceiling with insulation and make one, big bass, trap out of the drop ceiling. I don't remember if it was Ethan of RealTraps or Brian from GIK. :-) I never did it anyway, too much work for what seems like a little change.