Acoustic BBQ Cables

Did Grannyring stop making cables? 
You could pm him and ask him yourself....
Yes I have stopped due to my consulting schedule at the time.  I do plan to restart making cables with a website etc... soon.   Right now I am in the planning process with my wife.  She is the author of “The Audiophile’s Wife” blog and is thinking of writing again on our shared site. Thanks for the interest.  Bill 
@grannyring Are you still doing the Orchid upgrade?
I love my Acoustic BBQ Dueland speaker cables.  
The upgrades Grannyring did on my MHDT Orchid resulted in an improvement beyond what I was expecting. In an unscientific and subjective sense, my impression was that the DAC was 2x (!) as good as it was prior. That is, much much better! I was somewhat astonished because it was already a DAC that I was very happy with.  Just wanted to voice my recommendation for Grans’ outstanding work.

Thanks for the kind comments! Yes,  I still do Orchid upgrades with units coming here this week and next. 
Great news Bill!!

Signed me up for about 5 more USB's!! I ran out of my inventory! Got a few clients switching Curious Yellow AND Blue for yours!

Any chance you might do an I2S cable?
Acoustic BBQ - Love the name! Bill.

Happy Listening!