Acoustic BBQ Cables

Did Grannyring stop making cables? 
Yes I have stopped due to my consulting schedule at the time.  I do plan to restart making cables with a website etc... soon.   Right now I am in the planning process with my wife.  She is the author of “The Audiophile’s Wife” blog and is thinking of writing again on our shared site. Thanks for the interest.  Bill 
The upgrades Grannyring did on my MHDT Orchid resulted in an improvement beyond what I was expecting. In an unscientific and subjective sense, my impression was that the DAC was 2x (!) as good as it was prior. That is, much much better! I was somewhat astonished because it was already a DAC that I was very happy with.  Just wanted to voice my recommendation for Grans’ outstanding work.

Thanks for the kind comments! Yes,  I still do Orchid upgrades with units coming here this week and next. 
Great news Bill!!

Signed me up for about 5 more USB's!! I ran out of my inventory! Got a few clients switching Curious Yellow AND Blue for yours!

Any chance you might do an I2S cable?

@charliee : the maker of these cables is a member here: @grannyring . He no longer has any time to make those cables, as they are labor intensive, and he has other commitments. Although you may be able to find them used here and there. Great cables for the price for sure! outstanding!

Correct.  Decided to not build anymore.  Just no money in it really and very time consuming.  For those looking for good moderately priced cables I suggest Zavfino.  If you want some Duelund wire based cables, then I suggest Parts Connextion.  They will make some for you if you contact them. 


If you have the budget for some of the best sounding cables money can buy, then I recommend Hijiri and Tchernov.  They can be purchased through their US Importer. Here is Colin’s contact info:

I think teo audio make Schroeder method . There is a company in New York that make it.i forget the name, I bought mine  from them.

jayctoy, were your cables Duelund or teo audio's liquid metal cable/interconnect?

Explain the Schroeder method please. I am alway on the look out for another Acoustic BBQ PC. Right now, I am very pleased with my Aurealis Audio from AUS, Geoff Maloney builds some very nice Duelund cables. I do have his speaker cable and shielded IC. Had thought about trying some Coherent Audio Duelunds and may in time give them try.


In a very simple explanation the Schroeder method runs 2 wires per each IC for a total of 4 for a pair. Parts ConneXion sells Duelund power cords.