Acoustic Arts Power I Integrated Amp

Has anyone heard this amp? What is the sonic signature or what other brands does it sound like? Very few reviews or information on the net.
I own the Mk II version of this integrated. I would say the sound is neutral with very good dynamics and clarity. It reminds me of the Ayre MX-R that I used to own. Needless to say I am very happy with powering my Sf Auditor monitors.
I feel the same. The looks of their entire line is beautiful, IMO. 6Moons has a review of the SS preamp I. Sounds like it would be a good match for my maggies, just when I was getting ready to let them go due to the WAF after having them a few years. They lasted in the living room about 8 months till they were sent to my office, which is too small for them. I found a pair of KEF 205/2 demos at my dealers for $7,100 in the high gloss cherry with only 2-300 hours and in perfect condition. The info on their web site sounds good with top components used in a solid build from the description. The sound of the preamp was said to be dynamic and liquid from THE SHOW and part time audiophile reviewer. Im going to find a close dealer.
jkstraw, I agree about the looks of the AA products. However, I will say that the front faceplates are not as shiny and polished as they look in the marketing pictures. The dials are definitely shiny but the faceplate is more of a matte or slight brushed look. No big issue and definitely not a deal breaker. I was just surprised when I finally saw one in person. Definitely audition though! Also, I used silver ICs (Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II) which I prefer over copper. I think I even read somewhere after the fact that a reviewer really liked the Power 1 using the AA silver ICs as well.