Acoustic Alchemy - Radio Contact

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Radio Contact is the New Album from this venerable jazz group from London. Was able to attend thier concert here in Denver 7/8/03. This was the third time I have seen them live on stage. They always put on a fabulous performance and last night was no exception. Greg and Miles were on top of their game and the totally packed house got far more than they paid for.

Their previous album AArt was nominated for a Grammy as was an earlier work titled Reference Point. They certainly deserve a win someday.

Acoustic Alchemy was formed by Nick Webb and Greg Carmichael in the late 80s. Sadly Nick died a few years ago and most of us thought that would be the end of AA. But Greg was able to find Miles Gilberdale. Miles brings a new dimension to AA with his eclectic style. About that time GRP Records dropped the group. However Higher Octave label was eager to sign AA. So far 3 albums have been released on the Higher Octave Label, Beautiful Game, AArt, and now Radio Contact.

AA is a dual Guitar Jazz Group with Miles on steel string and Greg on nylon string, with a great Bass player and a stellar key boardist.

I have been a fan of this group from the beginning with their first album Red Dust and Spanish Lace. If you are a fan of guitar jazz, this is as good as it gets. Plus if you get the chance to seem them live, it is a memorable experience, Plus these guys stay after the show to sign autographs and chat with the fans.

They are on their USA Tour now with the new album. Check out their web site to see if they will be near you. Don't miss this group if you are into jazz. This is what all jazz groups should be. Great music and accessible by the fans and they are really appreciative of their fan support.

For those of you who know this group,you know what I am talking about. For those of you new to AA let this be your introduction to them.
i just saw these guys at the Britt Festival in oregon 2 weeks ago. Awesome!!! i have every one of their cd's and albums. they sounded excellent, everything was perfect. they came back for 2 encores. after they played, i purchased radio contact and talked with the band members. very personable. they were signing t shirts, cd's, and just talking to whoever wanted to talk with them for almost 45 minutes. if you get a chance to see them, don't miss it. also, i just bought there live album a couple of weeks ago which is also very good.
I've been a Acoustic Alchemy fan since their first album, "Red Dust and Spanish Lace". I bought Radio Contact a couple of weeks ago and I've listened to it many, many times and I think it's excellent. I own AArt too and it's also another of my favorites . However, I personally feel that their first(?) Higher Octave release, "The Beautiful Game" might very well be their best,IMHO. The group has definately changed over the years not only in personnel and labels, but musical complexity as well. I've never had the opportunity to hear them live as Rbstehno, but it's ironic because just the other day while listening to Radio Contact, I was thinking to myself how great it would be to attend one of their live performances. If you've never heard nor listened to Acoustic Alchemy, do youself a favor and buy or listen to one of their cds. You won't be disappointed!