Acoustic absorber panel question

Referring to absorber panels (fiberglass covered with fabric): I see a huge difference in cost between panels from various manufacturers, specifically between the big commercial outfits and the "cottage industry". Of course Mr. Risch has shown us how cheap they can be made. Can I get equivalent performance from the inexpensive ones as I can from the big name commercial ones?
yes and no....
Yes - DYI can yield good results with time making instead of money spent but can look ok... the one exception is building massive bass traps.. you couldn't build bass absorbtion for this cheap!! and best yet for the realtraps they don't deaden the room because the surface is reflective.

No - Commercial stuff is more expensive because it's fire rated... so it will not keep burning or will not burn, and most importantly will not release chemical vapors that can kill you and your family. The cheap foam stuff is not fire rated...

Aurlex is also a bargain product that is commercially available at all sorts of places like guitar center..

Treating your room will amaze you and take your system a couple levels up in perforance!! DO IT!
2s vote for realtraps- probably not as cheap as DYI, but extremely cost effective for what you get. Particularly the Mondo bass traps. Also, read the info on their site, pretty helpful.
I've combined the Realtrap Mondo Traps (I guess my vote is the 3rd) with DIY panels at First Reflection & a few other problem points.

Here are some thoughts:
1. get the right fiberglass
2. try different fabrics-they will sound different

happy listening
Best bang for the buck I've seen for anything but bass.

In the process of building DYI membrane traps now. Three of them cost about the same as one commercial unit but I used solid oak frames.
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Yes, you can. MDF substrate & melamine laminated panels are very inexpensive compare to others but acoustically very effective. Please visit Here you will find visually attractive, acoustically effective panels at a very competitive price.