Acoustat X

I have recently acquired a pair of Acoustat X speakers with tube amps. Does anyone have a manual or a xerox of one? Any information is welcome. Non-standard phono plug type input - what to use for interconnects? No on/off switch?
Jim Strickland designed the tube amps in the old X model. The amps had a signal detect circuit that would power the amps up from stand-by mode when an audio signal was applied, hence no power switch. Of course Hafler and then Rockford acquired Acoustat over the years. I still hear people saying that Rockford in AZ has the drawings, schematics and some parts for the later Acoustat models. They might have something left from the early days as well. There is a guy -- Andy Bartha (sp) -- that used to advertise in Audiomart... he appears to be a real Acoustat tube amp mechanic and fan. I have owned several sets of Acoustats over the years and enjoyed a visit to the factory in Ft. Lauderdale as well the "factory store" where I heard the legendary model 8 playing pipe organ... Must be where Sanders got the idea for the M-L statements.
Thanks, Cmd for the information on the Acoustat X. I had the pleasure to hear the model 6 years ago. The model 8 must have been something.