Acoustat upgrade to Spectra 4400

I'm soon upgrading my actual 2+2 panels to Spectra 4400. Any of you has experienced enough to tell what major sonic differences that will make.

Thanks !
Send this guy an email...he's up on them and owns them.

Based on what I heard with my 2200's and the old 2+2's one of the big sonic differences is that the Spectra's actually do a good job of image focus so vocals and solo instruments sound more accurately sized. No more room sized mouths!

Nice speakers if you've got the power and the room.
Thanks !

Newbee, that's exactly what I expect. I have actually a sound that seems to come from the whole wall because of the high declining ceiling. It is a unnatural feeling to hear over dimensioned instruments or voices. But it is highly intoxicating and involving, especially at lower volume.

I'm afraid of losing too much of that "big sound" in order to get more precision and deepness of the soundstage.

I'm actually powering them with a Coda 100W class A amp to my great satisfaction. Until I can get a hold of a big Plinius amp as soon as I can make more space in my listening room for it.
They're done and finally in my listening room. All modern and higher quality parts in the interfaces, metal frame. Tranfos are also new so a break in period will be necessary but already the conversion is highly successfull. Thanks to Ed Johnston from Cincinnati, Michael Savuto from Oklahoma City for their assistance. And of course Jocelyn for all the meticulous work.

For those who think Acoustat speakers cannot be improved upon, well....!
For those who think Acoustat speakers cannot be improved upon well THINK THINK THINK AND THINK AGAIN dollar for dollar NOTHING even come's close to Acoustat's ( Full Range )
proud owner of a SPECTRA 33 w/spl-1 subwoofer!