Acoustat Speaker Grill Cloth

Does anybody know who makes or produces replacements for the Acoustat line. Need new ones for my Model 2
I have been following your post for replies. I have the Model 3 in my second system that also needs replacements. I have been unable to find anyone selling grill cloth. If you find a source after this posting ends, please e-mail. Thanks.
Contact Soundlab in Utah at (435) 658-1341. The Soundlab is a similar design, they have a black grill cloth that is totally transparent, and is easy to install. I have torn down two Soundlab U-1 speakers and replaced the cloth on both, with no problems. My guess is that the Acoustat would not be any more difficult. I am certain that the Acoustat would not suffer any performance degradation with this replacement cloth. One last thing, the Soundlab U-1 is about seven feet tall and over 40 inches wide. You might be able to do the job with one cover, which would make the expense very reasonable!
I also have some Ascoustats, and had an e-mail conversation with someone a few weeks back where he had gone to his local
I also have some Ascoustats, and had an e-mail conversation with someone a few weeks back where he had locally gotten some Spandex and used that as replacement grille cloth. Said it worked great. The lower density of Spandex over grille cloth didn't mask the sound as much. One problem is that you have to remove the existing grille cloth so that the local seamstress can use it as a pattern for the replacement Spandex.
You can buy acoustically transparent cloth from parts express, in white, black and gray, I have done a few acoustats and the grill cloth is only about $7.00- $8.?? a yard or so. There are a few little things you should be aware of, if you don't know already, the sock that is on there now is stapled top and bottom, use a very thin screw driver to remove them, you need to kind of pry them out, once you have the sock off just start a tear at the seem in the back and it will pull apart pretty nicely, just get a seamstress or and one handy to measure it and sew the new cloth as close as possible to the old one. Here is the trick, roll up the new sock so that the seam at the back is straight, then slip the cover over the panel un-rolling as you slip it on, if you do not roll up the new cover they will go on crooked and the seam will not be straight in the back, do you follow. Make sure that you pull the cloth as you are slipping it on and staple one end and then pull the other and I mean a good pull, you will see as you do this the sock will become very taught indeed, hold and staple that end. It's not that hard, just find someone with a sewing machine, that can use it reasonable and the cloth should cost you less than $40.00. Let me know if you have any questions.
Ferrari. Contact me if you can, I have the name and address of a person in Mesa Arizona, that makes Grills for Acoustats, just ready to slip on. [email protected]