Acoustat "Medallion"

I have been listening to a pair of Acoustat 2+2s for over ten years. When I bought them, the seller told me that they had the medallion mod. Can anyone tell me how to confirm this? I need to open the interface boxes anyway, as I am going to upgrade the power cords. Thanks.
When I upgraded my late, lamented 1+1's with the medallions, there was a logo on the metal covers like a decal that said medallion. Contact member hwdsound (Larry), he'll know more.
Yeah, you had to send the whole heavy tranformer/power box back to Acoustat. It was such a hassle! And that's right, they came back with a gold "medallion" (hence the name of the mod, I suppose). There was another mod that was user-doable, something about changing a few caps if I remember correctly. Sounds like the seller was yanking your medallion chain.