Acoustat Electrostatic spearkers

I’m from old school, I still have and always will use these speakers. I have 2+2s now. I just pick up a set of model 6s which have two interfaces on each speaker. My question is can I just run speaker cable to the other from that to the power amp. Or should I run two speakers cable one to each interface. Or use a set of shot gun speaker cables. 

@bdp24 That does not sound like it would be all that hard to come up with something. People have done that successfully for the Sound Lab.
He designed and built a replacement, but unless you already own a pair that is academic; Roger left none behind when he died in late 2019.
Actually he did leave one behind. It was his personal unit and it's sitting in my living room. This one was designed for use with Roger's own ESLs. He did build some for a group of Acoustat owners (in Australia IIRC) as well. I have the Model 2 speakers and use the Acoustat servo amp with them. I wish Roger could have done the tube input mod to it but he ran out of time. There is a company in the Netherlands that will do this but I'm not inclined to send the amps over there.

@clio09 I'm looking into that shipping problem. I'll let you know when I have that sorted out.