Acoustat - Can it be saved?

Has anyone out there encountered this? I have a pair of Acoustat electrostatic speakers - they are prototypes developed at Rockford Fosgate around 1990 so no model type associated. They are 6' X 2' flat panels with built in power supply. Recently one of the power supplys went down. The circuit board was badly damaged. The worst thing is after extenstive digging it appears that the capacitors and resistors used on the board are no longer made. The capacitor is .01 UF 6000 V. The resistor is 100K OHMS. It seems the only way to save it would be to locate a similar boards somewhere but it is looking doubtful. Anyone think there is a chance to outfit the panels with a more modern power supply? I hate to give up on this speaker. As a pair they have provided remarkable sound.
Try this link below:

Also Andy Szabo probably knows more about Acoustat than anyone. His info can be found at the above link...
Yes. I own a pair of Acoustat X that match your description. My power supply went out and I took them to a local fellow who was able to examine the working twin and he replaced both power supply components. Of course, my circuit board was not damaged as the fuse saved me. If you do multiple searches on 'Acoustat' you will find referances to a couple of people who are still servicing and upgrading these amps. I misplaced my notes but the answer exists in the Audiogon Archives Discussion forums. If you find them, please post here so I can refresh my own database.
Try Roy at Sounds Like New 1-800-808-7808 or 561-967-8464.
The capacitor is .01 UF 6000 V. The resistor is 100K OHMS.

I know next to nothing about capacitors, resistors etc, but just wanted to say that there was a time i needed a transformer that was no longer made, but someone i knew was able to wire two transformers that were available, to equal the one i needed and I wonder it something similar could be done in your case.
This website may be helpful to you.
Here's an interesting forum with postings by both Roy Esposito of Sounds Like New and Andy Szabo:
I just visited that audio Circuit site. For Acoustat it has been 3+ years since I checked them out. Finally, some real good on the amps!

thanks for starting this thread. I have already learned alot and I hope it is of some value to you.
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