Acoustat 4 Monitor: still actual?

Hello Friends,
I have the opportunity to buy from a friend a perfect huge pair of Acoustat Monitor 4, the biggest model from the strickland age, the model with the strange socket.
The speakers are perfect, the amps are perfect, the price very good..
Now I have a big pair of Rockport, and I am tempting to buy this speakers for a second system..
Are they some considerations? any experience from owner or ex owners?
is this model still actual in comparision to the latest electrostatic sopeakers..?
are the x better or vice versa?
Than you very much..
If these are the speakers with the direct drive amps then they are excellent and considered classics. I believe Audiogon did an article on them in their Hub section. You need to find out about the condition of the amplifiers. They usually need to be serviced from time to time. I was surprised how good they were. They reminded me of quads with much better dynamics.

Thank you baranyi
yes they are the system with built in the so-called servo charged OTL (!) amps..
huge system with 4 paneels instead of 3 paneel of the standard Acoustat X version..
the guy said me the amps are excellent, like new..
Did you heard this speakers recently..?
I am using these amps with multiple panel confirgurations. They are great and as far as repairs go, if you can not self perform, analogue associates is a carrying the parts and even upgrading. My upgraded amps exceed the ability of any other true high end amp I have tried.

how can I contact analogue associates? I cannot find any home page..
I bought the stats.. big sound for a little money.
The monitors are in perfect original conditions, they look's like new.
The clarity of the sound is quite embarassing..
and they sound's also "loud" and bold.
Hat's of, Mr Strickland!
Key Ealey of services and mods the Acoustat Servo amps. He's done great work for me in the past, and I'm planning on sending him my set of Servo amps one day for refurbishment.
I have a friend who has three and four panel Acoustats with the servo amps.

The four panels are an even easier load for the amps, and give you more bottom end impact.

Try lifting them off the floor a bit,but standard set up is still better than most of the stuff being sold today.

I kick myself for passing these speakers up on numerous occassions, maybe someday, I have friends with several of the speakers and spare amps in disarray.

If Ed is who I think he is of Foundation Research ,rest assured he is a master at improving the already great Strickland circuit.

My friend had his done by Ed Wolkow of Foundation Research, and never had any problems.

His line of power cord/conditioners- LC10, 1000, and the old LC 2 still amaze me.
Alexismaster- Congratulations on your purchase. They are excellent speakers. If I didn't already own Beveridge speakers they would be on my short list. Bob
Well I didn't find any monitor 4, but I am very happy with my 3 panel X's.

I've had Quad 63, stacked 57's, Martin Logan Sequel ,2 pair of CLS iiz, and had the 3 panel medallian transformer(minus servo amp).

I've had the amps modded, and upgraded a lot of the connectors with the best from Furutech and I use HiFi Supreme fuses.

I run each servo amp on it's own dedicated 20 amp line.

After many years and dollars chasing after the sound of High End, I am closer now than I've ever been.

Couldn't be happier.
Look up Mr Acoustat on Canuckmart lots of posts and lots of pictures, great speaker by the way.
Owned the Three's for over 10 years, never a hick-up.
Good luck and enjoy.