Acoustat 2+2 : CJ 2500A or Simaudio W 5 ?

I’m looking forward to replace my 2500A by the W 5. It will drive Acoustat 2+2 speakers. What will I get more……or less ? Is it a worthwhile upgrade ?

Thanks !
Hi Andr,

I have been considering a 2500A for my 1+1. What are you looking for with a change? So far, the best amp I have used is a Cairn Audio 4810 integrated. I've had large tube amps, H2O, Wyred, Class A - all much more powerful, but just not as musical as the Cairn.
I love the cj 2500 A but I'm looking a little more firmness and impact in the low frequencies. Both my preamps are sweet enough. Just want something that will show a little more what the Acoustats can give me.

I'm probably aiming for the same level but I've got somebody who wants my 2500A and a guy almost next door is selling the W5. He's on a hurry and not willing to give a few days try out in my system.
If you really want to hear your 2+2's for all their worth, try one of the new Sanders Sound System's ESL amps. Monos are the cat's meow, but the stereo version is plenty.
Or if you have $650 to spend try a used PS Audio HCA-2. I'm amazed how well it works with my Acoustat 2+2's.
I have owned the Acoustat 2+2 with the MK-121 transformers for some time. They are now sold (Big Mistake) but experimenting with many different amps I found for the money the Moscode 600 worked better then most, tight base and great mids and highs.
You need an amp that can run very low impedance as the Acoustat’s with the high frequency resister adjusted the speaker can run at 1.5 ohms and the Moscode can handle it with no problem plus it is a great match for the speakers you have.
I haven't heard the combination myself, but Threshold was reputed to work well with Acoustats.
Try a Bedini amp. You can find various models at reasonable prices here on Audiogon. I use a Bedini 150/150 mk.II with my Acoustat 1+1 and it sounds great! It rivals my $3000+ tube amp.
Dynaco Mk3's mono pair worked fantastic when I owned
2+2's for several years. It was a great cobo at 60 watts tube per side.