Acousctic Zen Sil. Ref. II and Absolute, anyone?

I would like to know what your experience and comparisons with either of these I/Cs has been. Sil.Ref. II owners, what did you compare them to? The Sterephile review had them on one level with the Nordost Valhalla - is that so? Did anyone listen to the Absolute in comparison to the SR, and to other cables? Are they worth the considerable plus of money?
Thanks, Florian hassel

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Thanks for this thread, I have been wondering the same question. I use Silver reference1's and hologram and was contemplating the Absolutes, reluctantly, they are pretty expensive. It sounds from the last post, as though I can save my money, without too much risk. Much has been said about mixing Silver and Matrix reference, I prefer all Silver reference, but I suspect it is a matter of system synergy