Acou Zen vs Anaysis Plus vs Cardas Clear Sp. Cable

My system is an Egglestonworks 7.1 with Andra lls up front which have Esotar tweeters and Dynaudio 12" woofers. May go with McIntosh amps to warm things up a bit. Using JPS PC and interconnects. My room is fully treated. I am using a Lexicon processor.

I want a speaker wire that will be very smooth with non-fatiguing highs with midrange that lets dialogue be clear and understandable at moderately low volumes. A nice big 3 dimensional soundstage for movies. These traits have been brought to my system by JPS Aluminata PC/interconnects and Super Conductor interconnects, but worried it may be too much of a good thing so want to go with a tad warmer and with a very smooth sounding speaker cable.

My speaker runs for the front 3 channels are long...10' to 24'. In the running: Cardas Clear Sky and Light, Purist Audio Genesis/Museous, Analysis Plus Oval 9, Oval 8 and Acoustic Zen Satori. Oval 8 seems to be getting out of my budget due to the long lengths. The speakers can not be biwired.

I am leaning towards the AP Oval 9 and the AZ Satori. Thoughts on how these two compare and which would be better for my system and goals would be appreciated. Alsofeel free to comment on any other of the speaker cable I have listed. Thanks.
Look for OCC copper with teflon dielectric. Several manufacturers offer this, including Acoustic Zen which is what I'm using, i.e., AZ Double-Barrel shotgun. I've heard that Nirvana cables are good. Probably made from the same stuff as Acoustic Zen.

Avoid OFC copper because it's quite inferior, e.g., Audio Art.

Also, avoid polyethylene dielectrical.

Gelaw AP Oval 9 should provide good weight and bass for your long runs. I've auditon all the AP products and would not hesitate to purchase the AP Oval 9. I can tell you from evaluating monitors with 6" drivers that AP cables can improve bass notes.
Thanks for the comments.

Does the AP Oval 9 use teflon as the dielectric? I know the AP 9 is not OCC, while the AP 8 is. The Satori uses solo crystal copper (OCC) and a teflon dielectric.

What type of bass does the 9 vs the Satori produce? Is it highly detailed tight and defined or more slam and a bit bloated? With 2 12" Dynaudio woofers in each Andra ll, I think it is better to be detailed and save the slam for my subwoofers.

From all I read, it seems the Satori cable is right in between the AP 9 and 8 in sonic signature. It seems that the Satori has a bigger and more holographic soundstage with a bit more detail, which is all good, but is it as warm and smooth as the 9? A non-fatiguing smooth sound/treble is a top priority due to the very revealing/high resolution nature of the esotar tweeters, particularly with movie sound tracks.

Which cable would perform better at lower volume?

The Satori is 10 awg, is that enough for a 25' run? Is the resistance low enough on this cable? I will be using different lengths for the front 3 so the less reistance the better.

i have been using AP Oval 9 with Mcintosh 501's and Eggleston Andra II's for some time now. i find the combination very nice, balanced from top to bottome.