Acos Lustre GST-1 ...... YAY or NAY. ..... (has Removable Headshell AND VTA on the FLY).

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ACOS Lustre GST-1: YAY or NAY. (has removable headshell and VTA on the FLY)



While my friend was looking for a single arm with removable headshell and VTA on the FLY for his Technics SP-15, (got Technics 250/500 combo) I found out about the GST-1 Tonearm with BOTH features. Don’t know anything else about it.

It is rare to find a GST-1 separately. I’m thinking of buying a TT with a GST-1 on it for a very good price, just for the arm, sell the TT or give it to someone.



IF I move to a very rare CL-P3 Three Arm Plinth some day, I would keep my 12.5" long arm right, keep my Acos Lustre GST-801 with both features rear, use GST-1 with both features left for Mono cartridge (it won’t fit where the short Mission is now on my CL-P2 two arm Plinth). That would move the left arm a proper distance away, easier to place/remove an LP than now, and better appearance.



I have an SME 3009 II without VTA on the FLY. I have no plans for. I could easily sell my SME for more than TT/GST-1 would cost me.

Then sell the PL-2 with the short Mission Arm on the Left.

I could put the SME on the rear of the CL-P2, sell it with 2 arms, buyer picks his own main arm right side.

I couls put the SME on the TT the GST-1 comes on (similar sliding plates, sell the TT with SME 3009 II, a nice combo.






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I asked the seller to take the arm off the TT and sell it separately, as it is in Denmark and I don't want to pay shipping for a TT I don't want. I cannot tell from the photos, but I think the TT might have a slight recess specifically shaped for that arm. If that's the case, I understand NO!

I am surprised no one else responded. I got lots of responses when I asked about the Acos Lustre GST-801.


This is not a question of great pith and moment for very many of us. Just do it.

Either arm is better than the SME 3009!

I fully agree, I have owned a GST 1 for years and I also had the SME 3009 which did not fully satisfy me.An undervalued arm that can be purchased in the second-hand market for less than half the price of a 3009 if the word is not spread too much that it drives prices up remains an arm to buy with your eyes closed.



I’m in no hurry, but it appeals to me. I learned about the gasket problem on the JVC Victor arms; what parts to make sure are included on the GST-801; just learned about the potential worn rubies on the Technics arm, ... so I thought it would be wise to ask here.

it would cost me $580. if I have to buy and have shipped the whole TT with the GST-1 arm



found this

Yes, It´S From Sweden. The

Posted Tue, 02/22/2011 - 21:21 by Kjell Kranzberg.

Yes, it´s from Sweden. The correct name is BDT 1 (Belt Drive Turntable 1), not GST 1. The manufacturer "Inertia Industri AB" (Inertia Industry) was located in Gothenburg.
The production started in the early 70s and discontinued around 1978.
The player (and an integrated amplifier) was sold in several countries; for example Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Australia.
Note: The player shown is not equipped with it´s original arm.
Inertia disapperd from the market around 1980.

I bet you could sell the TT alone for nearly $500 and have the tonearm nearly for free.  So it's something to do, if YOU want the tonearm. Otherwise, there is some risk and bother for possibly no gain.