Acora acoustics granite speakers

Has anyone heard them? I got a strong recommendation from a friend who works in an audioshop. He is extremely knowledgable and has heard all the best / top gear (and sells it). He regards acora as pretty much the best hes ever heard. I am really interested. 

Heard them last year at the THE show in Long Beach. Overall,very impressive. Really smooth and extended with a natural and organic sound. Keep in mind they are very heavy (obviously!) and pricey, but the sound was top notch in my opinion.

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Any other thoughts on acora? Seems people really praising them at least the pro audio reviewers.
Theres nothing special about these speakers except they are made of granite. Big deal.

@kenjit You are looking at the cabinet only. What about the crossover, drivers etc?

Also you use to praise magico now you dont think they are good either, whats up with you?
That wasn't very nice...

Is that Man Made Granite? or Quarried granite?

It has to be man made. Quarried granite "RINGS" like a bell.. You have to really dampen granite. No way around it.. @Corian, YES, very well behaved. Still weighs a ton.. VMPS did it 25 yeas ago... Front baffle only
550 lb per speaker..

@ebm   Do give us your detailed report on your careful, lengthy auditioning of both the standmount and floorstander Acoras.
@ebm   Just wondering what your strong comparative assertion "MUCH better" was actually based on.
Heard these speakers at Hi Fi shows the Acora was not bad but i thought the others were better.
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Both are great sounding and very well made.This being said you must get the best electronics and cables to make them sound there best.