Acony records

I’m a fan of Gillian Welch as well as Dave Rawlings and Willie Watson.

I can’t believe how fantastic these recordings are on Acony records

Has anyone else heard these?
Yes, these are excellent LPs. Looking forward to hearing the full Gillian/David catalog on vinyl, one of these days. I will guess that there will be live vinyl releases too. Eventually. They are in no hurry, but the results so far on Acony (their personal label, with recordings engineered by Rawlings) are outstanding.
Agree!  Excellent sound and pressing quality.  The Gillian Welch " The Harrow & The Harvest" LP is SUPERB.
I didn’t know it was there label but I think it’s cool there putting out there own Stellar vinyl!!

i hope more people check them out.

In this day and age Folk music is a refreshing listen, and all 3 do it so well.

About "The Harrow And The Harvest":

A single LP mastered for vinyl direct from the analog tapes by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings on their own custom-built VMS 80 lathe with Ortofon amplifiers, this pressing of Gillian Welch's The Harrow & The Harvest is the first vinyl record to come out on Acony Records.

With new full-color artwork by John Dyer Baizley, the package includes a gatefold old-style tip-on jacket printed on special paper, a printed sleeve, and lyric insert (included with the album for the first time).

Guys, this is a fantastic LP.  Highly recommended!

Mofi; Thanks for the tip on “ The Harrow and The Harvest “ You should know the next UD1S titles coming out.   Should be getting BOTW soon.

@mofimadness - I knew I recognized her voice from the "O Brother Where Art Thou" album. BTW, Amazon seems to be selling some new-ish vinyl at close to wholesale prices.  Just bought a copy of that for 18 dollars w/ free shipping. 
+1,2,3,4,...two of THE most wonderfully beautiful sounding lps from 2017.

Totally agree!!

Now, if only the next GW (vinyl) release? could be Time (The Revelator)...I could die happy.
The Welch and Rawlings Acony pressings are incredible. The music style isn't necessarily in my wheelhouse of preferences but I've played them both many times just for the joy of hearing such amazing clarity and developed a greater appreciation of the music in the process. They're right up there with the two Newvelle seasons released thus far. 
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