Acme silver fuses

Does anyone know if there is a break-in time ?
Do they sound harsh/hard in the beginning ?

Thanks !
Most of why cables/interconnects/capacitors/etc have to "burn-in" is that their dielectric/insulator takes a charge after a time. Once that process has stabilized, they're "burned-in". Fuses have no dielectric, and should sound the same after 1hr as they would after 200hrs. At least- that's what I would expect.
As with all Acme products I would consult Wylie Coyote. He has the most experience with the entire product line over the last 50 years.

ET < clown
I did not hear any change after "break-in". What I did hear with this fuse was an increase in macro-dynamic power and fowardness to the sound.

LOL, things never quite work out as planned for Wylie Coyote. Hopefully the fuses are more reliable. :)

I'll imagine that silver will sound like silver.