AckDac vs Benchmark

Has anyone compared the Benchmark to the AckDac? I realize the Benchmark's an upsampler and the AckDac is not. I'm intrigued by the AckDac and I see that there's a 2.0 vers. coming soon. But I've read so much good press about the Benchmark.
Tried both for 30 days. Kept the dAck!. I did not compare the two. I DID compare the Benchmark with a Birdland ($1700) and my trusty (rusty) JVC XL-Z1010, level matched and blind. Couldn't tell a dime's worth of difference, nor could 2 audiophile friends. The dAck! seems to be smoother, maybe it's colored, I don't really care. I liked it and the price was right
Here is a summary of posts on th e dAck 2.0 to date at the following
link. Cheers.