Acid jazz/downtempo recommendations ?

i've been looking for similar music to Kruder andDorfmeister for almost a year now..

i really am in love with their style and quality of sound..

do any of you have any reocmmendations for artists that sound in the style of K&D/tosca ?? and have a really high recording quality sound?

thank you..
Check out Peace Orchestra, it is done by Peter Kruder and is an excellent recording.
hi jinmtvt. i'm happy to hear that someone besides me at
audiogon listens to this kind of music, here are some
recommendation, let me know what you think of the following.

st. germain - tourist
om lounge - vol. 5
science fiction jazz - vol. 6
transatlantick lounging - vol. 4
back to mine - everything but the girl

note: these are all compilation, except st. germain,
and the quality of the recordings are flawless.
Hello Acid freaks!

You're not alone listening to "other" music here.
You can get an analogue vinyls of Krueder from very prompt gentlements from West Germany that have a nice collection of mint vinyls and CDs with low shipping costs offered for combined orders.
They do not have any CDs left from Krueder.
I'm into krautrock, progressive rock and "underground" jazz at most of my listening time, but sometimes I get romantic and listen to Pat Metheny, Ornette Coleman or even open myself into some traditional stuff. Recording stays always behind the music that I like.
Carte Blanche 1 and 2 from Naked Music are great jazzy/deep house/downtempoish compilations that sound very good, lots of soulful grooves.

Mirror Conspiracy by Thievery Corporation and Boulevard by St Germain are worth checking out too.

i jsut bought Dizhan& Kamien cd ..named FReaks and icons
and it is really really good!
a nice mix of K&D with some brazillian beats, weird voice samplings..
really nice album in all!
and the recording quality is up to it too :)
i'll be looking forward to buy more of them :)
I would say you cant live without st. germain - tourist
and I would check out nightmares on wax smokers delight you will listen to both of those two at least a hundred times in a row before you have to buy anymore. But there are compliations on the ninja tune and shadow label that will help you in your quest also.
Furthermore the costes and budda bar series of mix cds will help out a lot.
bought few cds recently..

K&D G-stoned wich is a 4 song cd bur rather nice one :)
it's kinda old though ( 97 i think )
also got real Tosca Suzuki now instead of Mp3 to cd ..
that's a nice CD..
i ordered Peace Orchestra from Germany, and i can't wait to get it .. i've hear few of the titles on it in mp3 and it blows..

I also bought another CD from Dzihan & Kamien wich are totally hot!!! you have to listen to Freak&Icons few time before starting to like it though..

Also got DJ kicks of Trainer Ruby ..really nice brazillian percussion/electronica CD :)
really entertaining and high quality recording ( K7 ) far as i can tell with my limited experience/sound system..

anyone have other suggestions in the same path ?
How about DJ Krush, his older stuff is good, as is Tricky's older stuff, both are dark and bass heavy.