Acid Jazz?

I am realatively new to jazz and have taken a great liking to acid jazz. Particularly, The Exodus Quartet. Does anyone have any racommendations that are very similar to this group?
Certainly John Zorn considered to be one of the pioneers of asid jazz. The probably most sophisticated album is "Cobra".

Jasun Martz and Neoteric orchestra must also impress you.

Surf through the works of famous guitar player Fred Frith.
Try James Taylor Quartet from England. My favourite album is called "Extended Play". I'm not sure if it is still available.
Groove Collective or United Future Organization might be similar (your question sparked my interest so I did some research -- sorry that I can't speak out of experience though). Some interesting sites you could explore are:
Thanks for bringing up the topic. I think I'll look into this for my own collection.
Check out an older band called "Hatfield and the North" they might be labeled as Jazz Rock. Pretty Wild!

Groove Merchant at Luv N'Haight Records (San Francisco: tel./fax. 415.252.5766) put out years ago (acid jazz is sort of an old fashion by now) a series of commpilation tapes (yes, cassette tapes) called "Classic Acid Jazz." There were at least 6 volumes, if not more, and they all contained very rare "acid jazz" classics. These tapes are worth seeking out as an introduction to the genre.