ACI Titan II LE vs REL: Opinions

Anyone had a chance to compare the new ACI Titan II LE vs any of the REL Subs?

I spend a great deal of time listening to FM on a second with some small monitors (Swans M1s, Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables, McIntosh MR-71, Musical Fidelity A3CR amp, with Audio Research LS12 preamp) with some CDs here and there. Of course I want to hear that the ACI Titan II LE is a great music sub but appreciate reality better.

Can not easily get to hear either sub where I am at and would like some ideas before committing to a 30 day trial run. Any help much appreciated!:)

I too spend a great deal of time listening to FM.My tuner is a McIntosh MR-78 with the Modafarri Modification teamed with an APS-13 antenna and rotor (serious FM gear). I'm using ACI Sapphire IIIs (monitor speakers). I have a 2 week old ACI Titan II LE sub. I'd say this sub is perfect for this application.It is fast, clean, tight, and very musical. It blends in so well that it disappears. This sub is also being used for home theater. I'm not totally sold on it YET for HT. It needs more hours of breakin time to loosen up and hopefully increase its output a little. Right out of the box the Titan II LE sub has been a terrific music making machine. ACI is excellent to work with too. Very responsive to questions-great customer support.
Friends and I have done an extensive comparison of the Titan II vs. the REL Storm III. The ACI integrates as well or better, has better pitch definition, and has substantially higher output capabilities. I think the Titan II vs. the Stadium III is a better comparison, but I haven't directly compared those. Considering the ACI is significantly less money than either, it is a no-brainer to me. In Europe the costs are probably far different and the RELS are probably far more competitive.
Thanks for your comments guys! You have given me an excuse to make the 5 hr round trip to Lacrosse this spring. ACI is hardly ever seen on the web for sale even though they do a respectable business. That says something! :)

Seems like there are 1 - 3 RELs for sale at least every other week but that might be strong sales volume of REL and REL customers upgrading to higher end REL products.

I spent the better part of a year researching subs before I sprung for my Titan II LE. One of the best moves I've ever made. It really does the job. You're right, they are extremely hard to find used. Considering the ACI has been doing a good business for 25 years, it really is amazing how rare used ACI stuff is. I asked about demo facilities last year, they said they didn't have any. That's why I just took the plunge. I fully intended to ship it back if I didn't like it. I even got them to promise to pay all shipping. I know right now they seem to be always 4-6 weeks backordered, you might want to get in line:) You'll love it!
how do you get in touch with ACI. All of the positive posts have gotten my attention
I had an extensive experience in my own listening room with both the Titan II LE and the Rel Storm III and eventually opted for the REL. It did offer a better integration and seemed tighter and faster - definately better for pure music. The Titan, on the other hand, can play a little louder so it would be better for home theater. The integration with the main speakers was not as seamless as with the REL and there was some boominess which I couldn't eliminate with different settings/placement.

Our results were the exact opposite. We took the time to level match etc. I sure can't figure how we could have such different results. Oh well, we both ended up with subs we enjoy! Just curious, what are your main speakers?
I didn't believe all the stuff I heard about the Titan II I say here and around the net. How could this under $1200 sub from a relatively unknown company compete with the big boys? Well after talking to ACI I figured what the heck, so I'm out a couple dollars for shipping if it doesn';t fly.
I got my Titan II LE about a week ago. It definitely needs some running to get going. I'll tell you what, with only about 50 hours it provides better quality bass than I really hoped for. This thing goes real low. Put on your favorite bass test disc and it will rattle stuff all over the place. Better than that, it blends in so well you just don't know it is there! I've heard lots of Velos, Hsus, Rels, Monitor Audios, Vandys, Carvers and such. Most could thump ok, this one sounds like music. They aren't kidding around!
You'd have to get a one of the larger very expensive Rels to compete with an ACI Titan II LE. Those Rels are very musical and do integrate very well, but no more/better than the Titan II LE which is less than half the price. And I think that the Titan II LE still has more slam and does movies with authority too.
Thanks again to all that commented. Since, I learned, ACI has no floor space for demos I will just have to buy their sub on a trial basis. But this thread gave me more confidence in doing so. Thanks!
Tell you what. The more my LE runs in, the better an better it sounds. The definition is really amazing. I've read a few comments where people didn't seem to think it played all that loudly. Well, they must be looking for hearing lose because it will rattle the walls quite well! Only does it when the content is there.
The other thing is build quality. This thing is heavy and beautiful. The hardwood contrasts very nicely with the black. I love it!