ACI Saphire III vs. JMLab Cobalt 807 vs.

I have narrowed my choice of speakers to the ACI Saphire III, JMLab Cobalt 807, and the Dynaudio Audience 50. Can anyone tell me if one is better than the others. I plan on getting a sub for both music and home theater. I also have noticed that ACI uses Focal components. Are these the same as JMLab uses and manufactures? If so, what is the difference between JMLab and ACI. Lastly, how would you rate these three speakers in order. Thanks for the info. I am new to the audio world and this is my first entry into this world and want to make the right decision. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to hear these speakers for a number of reasons and want to reduce the trial and error period as I travel with work weeks at a time and my wife won't stand to me evalauting systems for hours on my time home. Thanks in advance
Hi, i am familiar with ACI Sapphire II, and the Dynaudio Audience 50! I wrote the review on the Audiogons "Misc Audio" also i posted the same on the, where the Sapphire III is in the "Hall of fame" on that site. For the money, you CANNOT do better, and Dynaudio audience 50 isn't even in the same league as the Sapphire's!
I have heard the ACI Saphire III, they are very nice. I choose to get a different kit built around Focal parts. TO answer your question about JMLabs, they own Focal. You might want to take a look at for some other interesting ideas on kits. I built the Aira 7 TLR towers. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :o)
Sapphire III's use a Scan speak 9300 tweeter and Focal mid-bass unit. ACI also makes the Titan I & II subs that mate nicely with the Sapphire III's. I prefer the non-metal tweeters, less fatiguing sound.
I like the fact that the Sapphires(never heard them, but bought some parts from ACI) use a Scan Speak tweeter and a Focal mid bass. When I built some speakers, I really liked Focal mids/midwoofers/woofers. Conversely, I really HATED their inverted dome tweeters, whether they be Ti, TiO2 , or Kevlar. Those tweeters were like fingernails on a blackboard. Tweeters I liked were Morel, Vifa, Dyanaudio, Seas, and ScanSpeak. And I too, much prefer soft dome tweeters to metal domes. That being said, there are two speakers with metal domes I like, Triangle and Vandersteen. The Sapphires sound like a good combination to me.
Just came across an opportunity to get the Dynaudio Contour 1.1 for about the same price, which way would you go
Depending what kind of amp you have? If you have a powerful solid state, go with the Dynaudio! Sapphire's are best with low powered "laid back" amps, preferably tube, or even some SET!