ACI Jaguars and Tubes

I have the ACI Jaguars and a Titan Sub. I also have the Kora Eclipse Preamp. I am considering the Kora Cosmos monos and a Metronome CD Player. What are your thoughts on this combo?
Do it! Obviously if you have the opportunity to audition the combo that would be great. Probably not too many 'goners have this combination, but Kora with Kora sounds like a match! With the sub the Jags should be easier to drive and get the most advantage of the tube amps.
First, it would be helpful to know what amplifier you are using now and where you are hoping the Kora Cosmos will take the system? Even with the Jags crossing to the Titan to alleviate the load, this is unlikely to be a happy pairing. The Jags need an amplifier with finesse, and control. The 6AS7G used by the Cosmos is far from an ideal audio tube. As a twin triode, it lacks the magic of a true triode such as an 2A3 or a 300B. If you want to go with tubes, try something like a Music Reference RM-200 (or a used RM-9 MKI or MKII, no matter). Try and be certain to take a step forward and not a step sideways or backwards...good luck.
I am using the Odyssey stratos now. I want to continue to use it, but also have a tube amp I can switch back and forth
Again, what are you looking to accomplish or do you just want to buy a new amp? Nothing wrong with that...keeps the economy rolling, but may not make your system more musical.
Have you ever heard the Kora Cosmos? or any other amp that uses the 6as7G like Atma Sphere.
I have heard so much about the tube magic, that I want to experience it. I'll be auditioning the Kora Galaxy this weekend. I want to audition Audio Valve as well