ACI Anyone?

I have started a quest to build a dedicated HT room. 7.1, all the speakers will be installed in flush mounted spaces. Frankly, I am not really looking so much for the typical HT sound as a very music HT.
Speakers I have owned: Theils, (too bright, lacking in dynamics) Vandys, (nice, lacked clarity when pushed) Maggies (favorite but drove me nuts), B&Ws (good, but just never sounded really musical, often got listening fatigue). Really like Aerials, haven't owned.
ACI has a good rep and some new models that are suppose to offer a lot of tonal flexibility along with built-in power for the woofers. On paper, they look perfect for what I'm trying to do. The model I'm looking at is the Veritas. I just haven't heard much about them. Anyone have comments on ACI speakers?
i own opals, jaguars, titan and the veritas for my center channel. aci speakers are very musical and the jags as my front 2 speakers just sing. if you are building in your speakers in flush enclosures you will really like the flexability of the veritas with the active electronics this allows you to adjust the tone of the speaker for any placement in the room, thats why i choose it for my center. the veritas has a great off center image and sounds good at any angle. the company is great to work with you won't find better cust service. and the price, a value. gary
Haven't heard their speakers but I have bought quite a few cables from them. After several puchases they offered their 10% discount on cables which is usually given to people who buy their speakers (without my asking for any discount). Nice folks, and they offer a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
I own the Jags and A titan sub. they are an awesome combination. The jags really need the Titan to sing
Most speakers are designed to play in open space, not from a cabinet or wall recess. I am not sure if the ACI Veritas were intended for wall placement but they include an equalizer and they may be your best bet. The only other speaker I can think of that is designed specifically for such placement is the Meadowlark Vireos. Good luck.
Just another very happy ACI camper. First it was the Titan II LE sub that culminated my year long search for a sub that would do no harm to the music. Perfect match with my Sonus Concertos. Then it was the Sapphire III LE that replaced my Sonus Concertos. Over the summer I've had a chance to extensively play with my friends Force sub. Each of these three products is built extremely well and has performed far beyond its price range. The staff at ACI has also proven extremely helpful and responsive. They really take care of their customers.
If certain things in my life work out the way I hope, I may be looking at a pair of Talismans myself.
Thanks folks for the input. I wish I would hear from more owners of the newer stuff like the Veritas. All the owners that I have heard from seem to be quite pleased, as are ACI owners in general. I've got a little time to keep doing my research, but at this point the Veritas models seem to be ideal for what I want to do.
Any other input is appreciated!
I've heard many ACI models over the years. I've owned:
Sapphire IIIs
Original Titan sub
Jaguars-Titan II subs

I've also owned or had very extensive experience with a number of models from:
Martin Logan

IMHO ACI builds some of the most musical, best value systems that you can find. The company backs its customers 100%. I am planning a number of future purchases of ACI speakers. Some of the older styling was getting a bit old, but the newer models are extremely attractive.