Accustic Arts Tube-DAC II vs Tube-DAC II SE

Does anyone know what the differences are between the Tube-DAC II and the Tube-DAC II SE? Their website doesn't list the SE yet.
Kayelefkay, when I talked to the new importer a couple months ago regarding the difference between the DAC11 vs the DAC11 SE, this is what he shared:

1) "Better parts in the DAC", but didn't specify what this parts are or were they are located in the signal path.

2) "Instead of new production tubes from China, the DAC11SE comes with NOS Russian tubes". It seemed to me that he thought the tubes were the major reason for the price increase over the DAC11.

I own the AA Tube DAC11 and run NOS Amperex 12AX7 long plate G-getters in it. You can read my review here on the GON regarding my expermentation with Telefunkens, Mullards, and Amperex tubes. My hunch is that for the difference in price between the DAC11 and DAC11SE your better off with the DAC11 and go get your own tubes to roll. For almost $1000.00 the Russian tubes are not worth it either money wise or sonic performance wise.
From the website of the US distributor:

"TUBE-DAC II SE was designed to provide the best quality military grade tubes of high precision which are then tested for apx. 200 hours to check reliability and optimum performance while utilizing pcb boards with the best specifications and tolerances close to zero. Additionally, gold plated fuse holders & gold plated tube holders are used in conjunction with premium quality tubes for the ultimate performance tube lovers would appreciate and come to expect from an ACCUSTIC ARTS component."

Thanks for the private e-mail to Musical Sounds. I should've mentioned that I live in Hong Kong.