Accustic Arts Drive 1 MK2 or Samsung Q1/Off-Ramp

I'm ready to purchase a transport for my headphone rig. The current setup: Accustic Arts Dac I MKIII > SinglePower Supra amp > Senn HD650 / Qualia 010. I'm using a PS Audio UPC 200 for surge protection and conditioning. Currently I'm using the digital out on a NAD 521BEE for a transport.

This is my first venture into audiophile-ville, after 49 years I finally find myself in a position to splurge a little bit. Cost aside (both transport systems have a similar price tag), will the Samsung Q1(tabletPC)/USB Off-Ramp transport out-perform the Accustic Arts Drive I MK-2 transport or will there be a special synergy between the Accustic Arts pieces? Quality is my main concern, although all-things-equal a hard drive based system would be my preference.

Since this is my first system I really do not have any reference of what to expect, other than either transport should be a step up from the NAD… all opinions are welcome.