Accustic Arts DAC I-MK3 & hi-rez audio files?

I'm looking at getting a DAC and one in my short list is the AA DAC I-Mk3, which has gotten rave reviews (in 2005...) from Teajay and

I plan to use the DAC to process the digital output from my Rotel CD player and to process hi-rez files from a computer. I know the DAC I has a 32bit/384kHz processor, but I'm not clear if it's ONLY able to receive 16bit/44kHz input and upsample it, or it can work with a high rez input (how high?). I guess I would use something as a HiFace to turn the computer's USB signal into S/PDIF to feed the AArts.

BTW, how would you say this DAC compares with a Bryston BDA1, BelCanto DAC3, Weiss DAC2?

Thank you!
nobody willing to share his/her experience with this?

If you do plan on using USB interface from computer, then Ayre QB-9 should be on your very short list. I've owned AA DAC1 mk3. It's a nice DAC but Ayre is just very special.

Thanks for the input, Yes, I understand the QB9 is very special, but I do plan to use a computer and continue to use my CD player as a least for now.

Do you know if the DAC I Mk3 can accept hi rez files into the RCAs?

What would you say the sound differences are between the QB9 and DAC I Mk3?

Thanks for the input!
No it cannot accept HiRes.

I had the AA DAC1-mk3 and the Weiss DAC2, I have not heard the Bryston or BelCanto dacs. I used a Legato usb to spdif convertor between my MacBook and the AA DAC1 mk3. In my opinion you need to cleanup the signal before it hits the AA Dac1 mk3, the Legato works great for me. I felt the AA was more musical then the DAC2, I felt they had the same resolution, but the AA had a larger soundstage and was warmer - which is to my liking.

I currently have an Audio Research DAC8 at home and a Legato/Havana in an office system - I regret selling the AA DAC1 - mk3, I would be using it in the office system. I really liked the AA Dac1-MK3 but for some reason I thought I needed HiRes capability - I don't !