Accustic Arts DAC I MK3 &Drive I vs. PLAYER I-MK2

Which one do you pick and why?. Can you notice a big diff. in term of detail, clear, transparency, & dynamic?.
Simpleguy, the new revised AA CDP 1-MK2 is a terrific player in its own right, but we are talking about another level of performance when discussing the AA DAC 1 MK3 and transport.

I use in my system the AA DAC1-MK3 with a Ensemble reference transport. This pair delivers a sonic signature that offers great details, extension on both the top and bottom, a big wonderfully layered soundstage, and finally great liquidity and very natural timbres. I wrote a reveiw here on the GON on the AA DAC1-MK3 that you might find helpful and started a thread called, Reference DACS: An overall perspective, that compares both AA pieces to other digital front ends.

I would say that the AA CDP1-MK2 gives about 70% of the performance of the seperates, but there is qualitative difference between them which puts the seperates on a much higher level.