Accuphase vs Marantz cdp

Hi -

I am in the provess of deciding my next step to upgrade my current CDP (accuphase DP55) - I am in willing to invest up to $3KUSD.

Some say the Marantz line are worth to consider (I just need red book capacbilities) and some others recommend me going back to Wadia.

I will greatly appreciate your comments/suggestions, please check my system as for compatibility issues, my tastes go for 50% Jazz, 30% pop+alternative, 20% ensambles/classical.


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Beautiful system. With a "clean slate" as it were, have you thought about going to a PC/Mac-based music server plus DAC system? If I had to recommend to a computer-literate redbook-only friend getting into high-end audio what they should do for a CD player, that's what I'd lean towards.
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T bone - I understand that Mac based music is still not at the same level of reproduction quality compared to standard formats, I have a couple of friends here using Squezzebox (modified) and - as convenient as it goes - it is not there yet. I am sure that is our future, b ut not right now IMHO, what do you think?
Mikeadan - Thanks - I have heard great things of Ayre, it is in my shortlist!

Fernando, I myself have not gotten far enough down that road to do right by the format and speak with wisdom borne of personal experience. I personally am convinced of the technology and have a few friends who are very happy, even without the best available DAC and signal conversion. The biggest issue is still that cheap DACs can sound good but not great. Great DAC implementation costs money. Adding an outboard clock and I2S interface costs more money. And you still get what is effectively, as far as the masses are concerned, a home-brew product (no offense to the several great engineers who have bleeding edge products out there; service may be great but the masses prefer a Sony warranty (pity the masses, yes, but they are the masses)).

Result: I think it will take quite a bit more time before this trend gets past what Malcom Gladwell would call "the tipping point." We are still in mavenland on this technology, but one can get great results for $2k of DAC/converter/Macmini and have flexibility going forward (wireless USB, etc). $2k gets you a CD player as well, as noted above, but the CD player doesn't get you a music server.

If interested, I would suggest puttering around the forums here, on audioasylum, and on audiocircle. There are some knowledgeable people around who are willing to teach, share, and occasionally cat fight - which is where we all learn :^).
your accuphase probably competes with most players in the 3k price range. most of the real world improvements since the dp55 came along, are in the software's mastering. a music server perhaps, but another redbook player at this point is overkill. you're already using a benchmark player.
T bone - I fully agree with your comments, experimenting in that area (Mac music server bank)(at least in their early steps) is not expensive and could be rewarding, thanks for your comments.

Jaybo - Yes, the DP55 is a fine player, and that is why I am reluctant to spend five times more and just get marginal results (if lucky). oohh this upgrade bug!!!
I would agree with Jaybo, personally. If you like it, stick with it. The Accuphase is a good player. If after a while you still ache for something different, then I think the music server route has merit.
I suggest Marantz Sa11a/ Red book is very good, but if you buy sacd disks the sound quality will blow your mind,,
Thanks Jygesq - I do not have SACD and think I wont be there.