accuphase vs dartzeel

Hi all, this is not a shoot out but rather an inquiry. I'm owner of Accuphase A-50V Accuphase class A poweramp. If anyone knows this amp and the DarTZeel NHB-108 poweramp, please give your impressions regarding both amps. Do the Accuphase and DarTZeel share the same sonic qualities? Which of the two is more "tubelike"?
I auditioned A-50V on several occasions, it is good sounding unit,but not my cup of tea.
Dart is something differnet... I must admit that i was able to hear it only at audio show but, even in this short session there was something very right about sound it was producing. Best way to describe it is that i could listen for hours-NO FATIGUE AT ALL! I like other solid state more ( BOULDER for example ) and think Dart is little bit overpriced...
Also NHB-108 will sound even better with new NHB-18NS preamp. I belive that other members like Jtinn can give you even more in-depth impression about Dart...
Hi Branimir, why is the Accuphase not your cup of thee? Does it sound too colored, or to veiled? Is the DarTZeel very transparent and dynamic? If that is the case it reminds me of the sound of ICEpower amp. Maybe Jonathan Tinn can also describe his findings regarding the DarTZeel.


Jonathan is the man to talk to. His website is He knows the DarTZeel inside and out. I own two of them vertically biamped, and I'm in awe of their sound. The pricing is unfortunate, but that's the result of the weak dollar more than any greed on DarTZeel's part. I've listened to the Boulder 2050, I think, and was not impressed AT ALL. Very clinical and mechanical sounding, IMO, though very powerful. The Dart is the polar opposite, and even more transparent and detailed. The overall sound is as pure and natural as I've ever heard, even from some of the world's best tube amps. If I hear something better, I'll get that, but I've yet to hear anything better.
Hi Chris, i auditioned Accuphase A50V/C290V combo with Sonus Faber Amati Hommage and ARC VT200MkII/REF2MkII combo was better in every respect except bass control( even in that regard differences were small ). But, this is my personal taste.
Hooper i agree with you that Dart is something special..
But, even here in Europe it is overpriced. Of course, this is again my personal opinion.
I belive that myth about Dart is beginning...
Hooper, have you ever had the chance to listen to any of the Pass Labs XA-series amps, in particular the XA-200's? If so would you share your opinion regarding how they sound compared with your killer Dartzeel's. Thanks.
Dazzdax, what speakers do you have, and what's the rest of your system and your room? What are your listening preferences? Without knowing these things this discussion is pointless.

I've never compared any Pass's to my DarTZeels. Sorry I can't help on that front. A friend of mine has an older X-150, and I've heard a few Pass preamps, the X-Ono, X-350, 350.5, and X-600. So I'm fairly familiar with the line. Personally, I love Pass products. The amps run exceedingly hot, but I find that they straddle the line between tube and solid state as well as any product I've ever heard. In that respect, they're very similar to the Darts. Nelson is one of the most brilliant designers out there and has been at this for a long time. He definitely knows his stuff. If I hadn't discovered the DarTZeels, I may well have wound up with a pair of the X-600s or 350.5s.
no offense, but dartzell (in terms of sound)is less detailed than accuphase. sort of like mac(a big mac with swiss cheese if you will)....the overall presentation is quite good, the build is great but its no accuphase. from an investment standpoint(anything this pricey is just that), there is no extensive track record comparable to the cream of the pricier us, japanese,brit, and german brands. just another amp that 6moons thinks is wonderful, not that there's anything wrong with that. cult status is not in the cards.
Essentialaudio: you are right, I have to give a description of my set up in the first place. Front end: Accuphase (digital and preamp), Acoustic Reality ICEpower (with ASP1000 modules) poweramps (biamped), Dunlavy SC-V speakers. I listen mostly to classical music (70%). I think the Acoustic Realities are not bad at all. In fact they bettered the Accuphase in certain respect although they cost about 10 times (!!) less than the Accuphase. I've never heard the DarTZeel, but based on your comments regarding the DarTZeel's tonal aspect, it might share some tonal characteristics with the ICEpower amp, like transparency, bass agility, dynamics, no audible coloration.
Dazzdax you can read the stereophile review for the Dartzeel, and most important, read the measurements made by John Atkinson.
I've heard the Dartzeel in few ocasions, so I cant give you an extended opinion, but one thing I can assure you - You will get the audible coloration.
I am Swiss, of the same town where is built the Dartzel (Lancy, Geneva).
So, I certainly have nothing against this brand, which is very good.
But I definitely find the Accuphase amplifiers like A-50, A-60 or P-7000 better sounding than the Dartzel.
Hi Adhoc, could you give a description of what you like and what you don't like about the Dartzeel in comparison with Accuphase? Which preamp do you use and which speakers? Thank you.

Hi Adhoc, I will trade you the Accuphase for the Dartzeel. Email me
I have no Dartzeel, Snook2 !
I have just heard it at friend's.
I have the Accuphase P-7000 amp, the Acc C-2400 preamp and the Acc DP-85 CD/SACD.
With Zingali Monitor 215.

I haven't listened to the Dartzel amp with Zingali speakers, but with Avalon.
I too listened to these Avalon with an A-50 Accuphase amp, and I found the sound better : richer and smoother, deeper too I would say.
Question of taste, partly, but we were 3 on 3 people to prefer the A-50.