Accuphase voltage conversion 110/120 to 230 VAC

I'm planning to buy a Accuphase A-50V or A-60 and a DP-67.
However they are very expensive in Europe and I'm thinking to buy one in the US or maybe in Japan.
Do anyone know if it is possible to convert a Japanese or US model from 100/120 VAC to 230 internally using a switch/ moving some cables, or are they entirely different models with different power supplyes?
Can the Japanese and US models run at 50 HZ?
Frandsen - it is never a problem to convert gear from US to Europe. I run an all American system in Germany.
Some do it by a switch, some charge you big money like McIntosh did for converting MC 2000.
Accuphase might me something in between?
Good luck!
I run a 115V CDP (77) in Europe. it cannot be easily converted, since the power supply contacts are soldered on and it is not obvious to the non-Accuphase engineer on how to resolder them. Anyway I would never dare to solder around in any Accuphase unit....
But it runs fine on any frequency... I have a transformer 230-115V installed and run it off a PS Audio PS-300 Power Supply (acutually with Multiwave, i.e. a mixture of all kinds of sinus waves between 50 and 120 Hz...)

Transformer has to be BIG though for a power amp (and might then vibrate and hum....). Maybe you should look at transformers first or have the US dealer change the voltage to 230 prior to shipping (had that done on a DC-330 that I previously owned)....

You may think about buying from Hongkong - much cheaper than in Europe. Hongkong uses 220V/50Hz, which should work without any modification.
Uli's idea is probably the easiest solution. Another solution would be to buy a 50Hz unit from Japan and get it switched from 110 to 230 volt in Europe (should be relatively easy/cheap) as Japan uses both 50Hz and 60Hz units (depending on which side of the Fuji River you live on).

FWIW, I have asked Accuphase (the company itself in Yokohama, not a foreign distributor) the same question before on behalf of a friend. IF you own it in Japan for more than 6 months, Accuphase will change it themselves at little or no charge, which, if also practiced abroad (and I would see no reason for it not to be), would suggest buying used from a very nice seller willing to jump through an additional hoop for you the buyer.
I just bought an Accuphase DP 67 from Audio-cubes. It's an 100V version. They give you a voltage-transformer for free.
Overhere ( Holland ) we have 230/240v. I have never seen an Accuphase from the inside but i am planning on changing the voltage myself. HOW ??? I will have to find that out myself. Or do you know how to do it ??
I will keep you posted. The player comes in next week ( i hope !)
The simple answer is "yes" with most models. I have the DP-75V, the C-275 and the A-50. All these I have opened and checked the wiring. In five minutes anybody who has seen cables can do the change but you need to change the fuse, too, which is even easier. I live in Japan, but will move back to Europe next year and plan to take the Accuphase gear with me. I actually own a PS-500, too, so I decided to buy a transformer (240v to 100v).
If you want photos of the cabling contact me:

I believe most if not all Accuphases feature Japanese-, US- and European-voltage secondaries. A case in point is the Accuphase DP70 (see the last picture on the Chinese webpage:
) You can see the voltage sticker on this older Accuphase CD player. However, I was told that the latest Accuphases don't come with the voltage sticker anymore.
Hi Frandsen,
I just purchased a 110V A-50V model and it even says in the manual that the unit can be converted to 220/230/240V. They suggest to let an authorized Accuphase dealer do it. Before I moved to Bermuda, I had all my Accuphase gear converted from 240V to 110V and it was no problem except for the PS-500 which could not be switched. I would be very cautious about using third party transformers in my chain.

US prices are somewhat cheaper than Europe's but nowhere near the deals you get in Asia. You should be able to buy 230V in special stores in Tokyo but would need to do some research. Normally, expatriates posted to Japan will know.
I have an Accuphase dp55V at european voltage 220-240V.
On the cd player there is a transformer without any voltage sticker and without any wire or cable to move, but with a small circuit board soldered with the transformer.
On the board there are three jumpers named J1/J2/J3. For 220-240V the jumper J3 is closed with a wire soldered, the other two are open. I think J2 is for 120V (USA) and J1 for 100V (Japan).
For the voltage conversion must be changed also the fuse,
250mA for 220-240V or 400mA for 100V-120V.
The transformer is the same for 50 or 60Hz.
If someone, that has the DP55V at 100V or 120V, can look at the jumpers on the circuit board near the transformer, can confirm if J1/J2 are for 100V/120V.
Please, does anybody know about changing voltage in DP 700, DCDP 800-801? Thanks
Anyone ? :)