accuphase T port dac or CD

Can I have some advise on which is the best way to go I have choice between ,accuphase dp70 cd or dp90 t'port/dp90 dac.Dont get too technical,and thanks.
ssomsit: i think you are talking about a one box accuphase cd player, either the dp-65 or dp-75. not sure there was ever a 70 designation in the line. it makes a difference which model number you are comparing, including whether there is a "v" designation after the number, e.g. dp-75v or dp-75. the two box setup is the dp-90 and dc-91. if you provide more information, i can help you out. -kelly
Kelly the cd is a dp-70v and the 2 box is dp-90 and dc-91 as u indicated.Thanks somsit.
somsit: thanks for the additional info. again, there is no dp-70 or 70v, at least in the usa. if the one-box player is a dp-75v, then it has virtually the same oversampling circuity found in the dc-91. the dc-75v, thus, is superior sonicically to the dc-91. the dp-65 or 65v, on the other hand, is not the sonic equivelant of the dc-91, and certainly not the dp-75v. i hope this is understandable. good hunting. -kelly
Go to for more detailed info. on the older
models.There was a DP-70 and a DP-70V(late 80`s--mid 90`s)
single cd player.Both available in the U.S.The 2 box DP-90
and DC-91 is a newer and a lot more expensive combo.
Also a LOT BETTER!!!
It all depends how much you`ll pay for those two units.
Hope this helps!!! Victor
yes, i've checked and victor is correct on the dp-70 models. i'd never really seen them here. neither had upsampling and are therefore not the equivalent of the dp-75v or the dc-101. the dp-90 and dc-91 would definitely be superior to either of the the dp-70 models. -kelly